sexta-feira, 11 de março de 2011

Mais Glimpse...

Hello Stranger by Barb Moran
(as told to Karl Williams), Age 58 Autism
Topeka, KS
. . . As a young child, I liked the idea that I could make a mark and have it look like something. I liked to draw because it gave me a sense of control. I drew the things that I wanted to see, the kinds of things I liked looking at - objects as persons - because otherwise I couldn't see them. I drew the world as I wanted it to be.
I want to have an impact on other people, to have an influence on other peoples’ feelings. I want to be noticed and valued as a unique person.
I think that man desires beauty. It is human to love beauty. We all have a dream of what we want life to be. When you have autism, the dream can be very elusive. Hopefully, if people like my pictures, they will have a better attitude towards other "odd" autistic people .

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